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Top 7 virtual assistant companies in US

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Top 7 virtual assistant companies in US

A virtual assistant generally works from home and performs any administrative task using any medium of communication. This dexterous support provided by a virtual assistant offers several benefits that can work to your advantage.

They say, Time = Money! As a business owner, you can save both with the help of a virtual assistant.

Here’s how it’s possible :

-Drastic reduction in labor costs
-being able to get help anytime from anywhere 24/7
-the ability to outsource tasks to a seasoned professional
-having access to a wide set of skills that you and/or your teammates might not possess
-leveraging an option of getting assistance with a project the moment you need it, and more.

Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant is the best way forward to save time, money and a great way to delegate tasks that could be administered virtually, but you may be wondering where you should go to hire a virtual assistant. All your questions will be answered as you go through this compilation of the top virtual assistant companies available to you. You can choose a company from the list to get your virtual assistant that perfectly matches your requirement.


WoodBows tops my list of the best virtual assistant service companies in the USA. They help entrepreneurs, business owners, medium and large scale enterprises and real estate agents to save time and money. Their commitment to serve their clients with utmost importance and punctuality has enabled them to be rehired by over 98% of their clients. They offer 200% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their services.

WoodBows tops the list of services providers in the virtual assistant service industry because of the following reasons:

  • Out of all the virtual assistant applications they receive, they hire just the top 1%.
  • Having virtual assistants with over 10+ years of experience that are best known to work hard and smart and thrive with your project, they aim to make your project a profitable endeavour.
  • WoodBows provides reliable and well-equipped virtual assistants who work from their efficiently supervised environment in the USA, and Philippines.
  • Their services include a dedicated account manager, daily status update, 24/7 phone or email support. Woodbows enables you to have an employee that’s just a click away.
  • Here’s the underlying secret of hiring talents from Woodbows: You don’t need to hire separate talents for customer support, website maintenance, social media maintenance, online marketing, lead generation, cold calling, personal assistants for clients follow up, CRM management as your dedicated virtual assistant will do it all for you within the allotted time.
  • Having an outstanding base of 1000+ clients that have raked in profits using their services, they also enjoy customer repetition at a rate of 98% which is mind-blowing. Since their virtual assistants have been helping entrepreneurs, real estate agents and business owners with improving their sales and saving time for 10+ years, they do not require any training from your end.
  • They also provide you a dedicated account manager who will manage your virtual assistant on your behalf, tracking the status of the work and reporting it to you on a day-to-day basis. Your dedicated account manager will always be available on the phone too.

Price Plan

Woodbows provides a transparent pricing system and the price starts from $8.99/hour for the Philippines based Virtual assistants and $25/hour for US-based virtual assistants. There are no hidden charges or setup fee involved. You can view their pricing here.

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2. My Outdesk

Since its inception in 2008, MyOutDesk has become the largest, most trusted & reputable service provider of virtual staffing in the real estate industry. They have served over 6,000+ clients including corporate giants such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, along with half of the top-10 RealTrends™ teams.


Here’s a brief look at what makes them so good at what they do :

  • My Outdesk has been a longstanding member of the real estate community and their prominence comes from their quality and a stringent talent-matching process including an FBI-grade background check & comprehensive candidate vetting process that’s unmatched by any other outsourcing service provider.
  • They hire and inscribe only 2.2% of all virtual assistant applicants and provide the highest levels of legal protection & data-security to their clients.
  • They have hundreds of 5-star client reviews and substantial long-term relationships with the biggest names in the industry.
  • MyOutDesk generates over $100 million dollars combined with cost-savings and revenue growth for it’s clients every single year.
  • Their performance and service delivery has stood the test of time that they are recommended by coaches like Bob Corcoran & Tom Ferry.

In simple words, MyOutdesk helps real estate’s prime leaders carry out their mundane and dreary tasks for less than 60% of the cost of a full-time employee. This arrangement lets entrepreneurs and businesses to lock their focus on setting up new goals for their growth and development, resulting in gradual revenue growth to their business and satisfactory outcome to their clients.

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BELAY is another pick of the litter among the best virtual assistant companies. Be rest assured as you hire a virtual assistant from BELAY because their top-tier professionals integrate with your team comfortably and generate highly productive results for your firm.

Let’s quickly jump into the advantages of hiring professionals from BELAY:

  • BELAY persuades potential clients by the fact that their acceptance rate is slightly lower than Harvard’s acceptance rate, and that means their service is the best in business and your firm is in safe hands while it’s monitored by highly qualified virtual assistants.
  • BELAY is known for scouring through their applicant list in line with your needs and reviewing their profiles with respect to your needs/requirements, to find the best profile that suits your requirement.
  • Your success is ensured as they have your back in every aspect that concerns your growth.
  • On hiring a virtual assistant from BELAY, one also qualifies to be assigned with a relationship manager to act as a go-to option for everything related to your virtual assistant’s performance.
  • They are pretty versatile and widely ranged in the services they offer which makes for a great choice for the client to have them on board. Their services include : travel arrangements, marketing support, calendar management, project research, social media, data presentations, mission critical recurring tasks, first impressions and voicemail, C-level support, and much more.
  • At present, they have a client base which has crossed the 800 mark which also included Inc.500 companies. This is an indication of their progress and surely positions them for bigger landmarks in the days to come.
  • They also offer services like virtual book-keeping, content writing, and web-maintenance services. BELAY’s pricing system varies based on the client’s requirement and therefore, it’s best to contact them directly to get a quote
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Prialto curates its virtual executive assistant services from its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, with creative insights provided by their global staff in Asia and Central America. It is the only US-based virtual assistant company focused on supporting executives. As a managing service provider, Prialto offers you help with a proficient team of managed, dedicated virtual assistants that are well- trained and seamlessly adapt to your business goals and preferences.

Working with Prialto brings strategically proven benefits to the table and here’s a quick look at the same:

  • Their prime focus lies in team building. To facilitate this approach and give you the support of a competent team, they form a clan of professionals that includes a project manager, primary assistant, and a back-up assistant in addition to an internal managerial cohort.
  • They provide a tech-based onboarding service that is structured to review your needs or requirements, desires or aspirations ,and goals or targets.
  • PRIALTO consists of a dynamic company culture that paves out a systematic and well- defined feedback, development coaching, ongoing educational opportunities, and in-depth mentorship to your primary and back-up virtual assistants.
  • They help you scale up at a great pace in your business while being conscious of your needs and costs. It’s all possible because of their undivided attention towards finesse and innovation.
  • Their ability to manage high-value and uphill tasks such as prospect development and lead generation, CRM data entry and maintenance, travel arrangements, scheduling, expense reporting, document preparation, email management, incoming and outgoing calls etc gives them a cutting edge over other players in this industry.
  • Leveraging their accessibility to well-documented and proven insights, they contribute to elevating your underused or non-existent systems, processors and processes, and internal technological solutions.
  • Your business will find it’s ideal support needed to see comprehensive growth at Prialto. Having virtual assistants who are well versed and experienced with the modern/advanced tools and processes, they provide specialised, well-trained and English speaking individuals that help you unleash your business.
  • They have accomplished a mind-goggling 500 thousand hours of collective support, managing executive workflows at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Coming to their secure support, your local business is in safe hands as they are available 24/7 regardless of your business working hours.

With Prialto, you will only be charged on the service you’ve opted for. There is completely no extra fee added to your service or any other hidden costs combined with your service. Prialto gives a flat rating system for your dedicated virtual assistant and the team accompanied. You can view their flat rate pricing information here.

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Worldwide101 is a premium pick among the best virtual assistant companies. They are a bunch of passionate and talented professionals that relentlessly screen for deep business experience and desire to support a winning team. They focus on producing virtual assistants that are highly personalised to match your unique needs and of the highest quality. Worldwide101 raises the bar in going beyond your expectation with their sheer dedication and commitment towards your productivity.

Here are a few unique benefits of using their (Worldwide101) services:

  • Their over the top customer service provides you with a ready-to go-to trained backup VA in case of vacation or emergencies, and they guarantee satisfaction.
  • They hire the likes of seasoned marketing, administrative, and project management professionals.
  • They facilitate a meeting with your virtual assistant before you decide on whether to hire them or not.
  • Client gets access to a well-structured dashboard of the virtual assistant to keep track of time.
  • On being assigned with your virtual assistant, you can integrate your VA into your team using their company email address.
  • Their services are offered in multiple languages which makes them extremely user-friendly.
  • Transition and navigation from screen to screen is easy and smooth because of their meticulously designed onboarding services.
  • As your business expands, their services can be scaled up too because of their largely populated applicant base .
  • They also offer help on designers and web development. You can hire designers and web developers that are highly qualified with a great deal of experience in accomplishing creative and innovative tasks.

Pricing is the real deal for any entrepreneur. Therefore, Worldwide101 provides a varying standard of pricing depending upon the client’s interest with different per-hour plans. You can have a look at their pricing here.



UAssist.Me is a widely popular us based virtual assistant companies with mentions in magazines like 30Under30, CNN, empact 100, and more. Their highly skilled assistants specialize in administrative and clerical work and offer help for clients in several industries.

Top advantages of having UAssist.Me assist you are as follows :

  • They possess a tank of virtual assistants that find their expertise in different areas of profession that also include: Art and design, consultancy services, technology, real estate, web development, advertising/publishing agency, personal assistance, and much more.
  • They are transparent and clean slated in their approach towards pricing. All you need to do is select your service and pick a plan that best suits it and they will do the rest to keep you thriving in your business to see your new horizon.
  • Your personal assistant will be given a fully-equipped workstation.
  • You can save money by selecting the amount of hours your virtual assistant should be available for and only pay for the service time allotted.
  • You can even select a plan that offers a dedicated back-up assistant.
  • Your selected plan can also get unlimited you US calls.
  • Confidentiality is strictly managed in good faith.
  • They offer help even with any social media and web design related services.

100% transparency guaranteed with’s pricing structure is what makes them to be on the look-out for every client out there waiting to hire a virtual assistant. Their plans range from 20 hours per month for $299/month to a full-time assistant for $1499/month. What you see is what you get in terms of services and prices with . In case of an event, where you go over the number of your dedicated hours, one of their customer service representatives will contact you and let you know about the options you could choose from to upgrade your plan. While this may seem expensive upon the first glance, it ends being much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to carry out the same job.



Just like the name suggests, 24/7 Virtual Assistant is at your service round-the-clock and makes for a great choice if you are on the lookout for a virtual assistant that extends beyond offering professional services alone. One can say that they are good with virtual assistance which we’ll complement by personal assistance as well. For instance, you can count on your virtual assistant to help you with things like making an online purchase and other personal tasks that you might not have the time for each day. With respect to offering professional services, they are quite definite and far-reaching at what they do which enables the client to breathe easy with rest assured both, personally and professionally.

24/7 Virtual Assistant offers several benefits. Here are a few from the lot for you to glance:

  • Their administrative support includes sorting and filing, photocopying and collating, record keeping, running errands, word processing, scheduling, and much more. This makes for an added bonus to the client.
  • They provide live customer support if required at any given time. Their help with customer service when the client needs them is widely spoken of in the VA service industry.
  • Your virtual assistant can help you with bookkeeping if you’re in need, using bookkeeping services like Quickbooks, Quicken, Freshbooks, and other top companies too.
  • They can assist you with data mining as well.
  • Virtual assistants from 24/7 Virtual Assistant can easily take on the basics of email marketing, including list development tasks. This is possible because of the training given to their VAs prior to their deployment.
  • Need somebody to help you with HR tasks? 24/7 Virtual Assistant has your back as their VA professionals are extensively versatile and efficiently articulate.
  • Web development and web research services are also made available as per the needs of the client.

Just like most of the us based virtual assistant companies, 24/7 Virtual Assistant is also transparent about their pricing. They have several plans on offer and you can select anyone from the following that satisfies your needs and fits into your budget.

  • $15/hour – pay hourly
  • $299 Entrepreneur Plan – 30 hours/month
  • $499 Professional Plan – 60 hours/month
  • $799 Executive Plan – 120 hours/month
  • $999 VIP Plan – 160 hours/month

Inferring from their price-plans, one can easily understand that the bigger the plan you opt for, the less money you pay for that service. You save more and are served more!

The $999 VIP Plan could help you save big if you’re on the hunt for a full-time virtual assistant.



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We can help you in selecting the right company

It’s endearing to know that virtual assistant companies in us exist and that client’s jobs are made so easy with their help. I hope you find the right match for your firm and wish you heaven’s best in your journey ahead. 

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