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Do not use this team.

We were testing out a variety of virtual assistant services because we were looking to outsource some basic operations tasks (specifically data entry) and came across this team. They were reviewed well on a number of platforms so we decided to go on with a trial. Overly aggressive sales tactics. This is a company that focuses on a hard sell, they focus on getting you signed up quickly, and pay no attention to helping you understand the service and understanding your needs, requirements and working style. They care primarily on getting you onto their “free trial” as quickly as possible because they care more about getting your money than they do about providing you with a service. Their “free trial” is a scam. They represent their free trial as the provision of 3 hours of work. However they also take a $1000 deposit that is apparently refundable if the trial isn’t to your satisfaction. They partake in the same poor practices that tech firms have been known to do in establishing a “free trial” taking your details and making the trial period so short that you don’t have time to exit out of the contract. The impression we were given by the provider was that they would provide 3 hours of work, and that then we would have time to evaluate the work quality and make a decision on moving forward (common practice for every other assistant service we’ve used). This was not the case. At the end of the trial they didn’t even inform us that the task was complete so whilst we were waiting for the aforementioned “3 hours” of work to be completed they then just ended the trial early and started the “first month” of work taking the $1000. When we reviewed the work we found that it was of poor quality, the task wasn’t completed to any reasonable degree of satisfaction and the 70 minutes that they spent on the task was actually entering data into a form - a task which they actually delegated back to me. They ignored the rest of the instructions which required them to extract files from a specified source and uploading those files into another portal. Even after asking multiple times to do this they still didn’t use the full 3 hours to do the full task. Poor English speaking skills. The assigned associate (and manager) did not have sufficient English skills. This led miscommunication where they failed to even understand a clearly written task in plain English as well as an inability to communicate effectively over the phone. Poor communication timing. The communication timing was extremely poor often contacting us outside of clearly stated work hours and time zones and contacting us unannounced over the phone. This created time delays between communication - they were almost never available when needed. This is not only a poor service experience, these are poor business practices. We decided not to move forward with them and they have decided to take our $1000 for 70 minutes of poor quality work. We will not be using them again and would warn any others looking for assistant and operational services work to not use them.

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