8 Best virtual assistant companies in India

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Top virtual assistant companies in India

Virtual assistant companies in India is widely spoken of by all the countries across the globe mainly because of their customer-friendly pricing.

India is a nation that diffuses the fragrance of unity in diversity. People from this country are kind, pious and highly respectful ; all thanks to their cultural values.

Therefore, one can count on Indian virtual assistants because of their polite and prompt workmanship which is equally complimented by their skill and hunger for excellence.

It is due to the time zone differences (usually about a 12 hour flip from the US), India enjoys the unique advantage of being able to staff around the clock. It’s a wonderful feeling to realise that your work is being carried out even as you sleep!

Wondering where to find them? Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best virtual assistant companies in India!

Woodbows is quite popular among business owners for its supply of top-notch virtual assistants. Known for its brilliance, proficiency and high competency, WoodBows makes for one of top ranked virtual assistant companies based in the US.

With offices spread across in the UK, Philippines and India, Woodbows has been one of the finest performers in the virtual assistant service industry since its inception in 2015.

Entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and real estate agents are their major target groups. They mainly focus on catering to clients from the US and Canada.

Woodbows has a cutting edge over other players because of its finely crafted virtual services and here’s how you can benefit from their services:

  • Woodbows gives you great flexibility in setting your budget precisely as their virtual assistants are based in the Philippines, India and USA. Because of their geographical diversity, professionals working with Woodbows possess different skill sets and cultural values that makes them interesting to work with.
  • Every client that signs up with Woodbows is given a dedicated account manager that acts as their point of contact. They assign the most suitable virtual assistant pertaining to the client’s requirement.
  • WoodBows works on a simple 4-step onboarding process to start working with their virtual assistants.Here’s the process explained in detail:
  1. Free trial on signing up
  2. Requesting a task list which needs to be accomplished within time.
  3. Assigning a team of VAs to complete your work. On successfully completing this, they share their contact details with you.
  4. While the client reviews the completion of a given task, he can send more tasks and work with their team of VAs during the review process.
  • WoodBows provides a wide range of virtual assistant services. If your business task could be completed by a virtual assistant remotely, they’ll find the exact match suitable for the task.

Curious to know what services are on offer apart from the ones listed above? Find out, as you go through these categories:

  • Graphics and Web design services
  • App development
  • Software development
  • Digital marketing
  • Data entry services
  • Customer care support
  • Content writing
  • General virtual assistant services

Plans and Pricing

Their pricing plans are classified into weekly or monthly, and part-time or full-time for virtual assistant services india. They also provide you with an option to choose your assistant either from the Philippines, US or India.

If you’re looking to hire VAs based in Philippines, here is their pricing plan:

Weekly Plans

  • 5 hours per week for $49.90 ($9.99 per hour)
  • 11 hours per week for $99.90 ($9.08 per hour)

Monthly Plans

  • 80 hours per month for $799.99 ($9.99 per hour)
  • 160 hours per month for $1,499.90 ($8.99 per hour) in
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MyTasker is one of the fast growing firms in the virtual assistant services India. Founded in 2012 by three veteran VAs, MyTasker has capitalised on their experience and has proven its expertise in this industry.

Because of time spent in trenches, they are well versed with the art of recruiting high-performing professional virtual assistants.

Here’s a list of benefits that MyTasker offers to its clients:

  • On hiring My Tasker, you will be assigned a dedicated VA who will be your point of communication.
  • For every task you’ve delegated, they will either tackle it themselves, or request help from a qualified team member.
  • Clients can contact them via phone, email, or Skype, and delegate tasks on a recurring or on-demand basis.
  • With a single point of contact you can have access to their wide range of skillsets that comes along with their team.
  • There are no-long term contracts involved. Pre-purchased hours by the client expire at the end of each billing cycle,and they can opt to cancel at any time.
  • MyTasker’s internal dashboard tracks your VA’s working hours which keeps the client in check of the no of hours remaining in a given month. You can always log in to your account to check the same.

MyTasker VAs are pretty good at carrying out any remote task, including:

  • customer support (online or over the phone)
  • transcription services
  • social media management
  • online marketing
  • online research
  • website maintenance services
  • virtual receptionists
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • content writing/ editing
  • IT support
  • Web design and development
  • SEO services

Pricing and Plans

Professional Virtual assistant pricing starts at:

$140 for (10 hours/month plan) and goes all the way down to $7.50/hr for a massive 160-hour plan.

Pricing Table in detail:

  • 10 hrs per month – $140 ($14/hr)
  • 20 hrs per month – $250 ($12.50/hr)
  • 40 hrs per month – $450 ($11.25/hr)
  • 60 hrs per month – $600 ($10/hr)
  • 100 hrs per month – $900 ($9/hr)
  • 160 hrs per month – $1200 ($7.50/hr)
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VA Talks is a virtual assistance service provider in India with 24/7 customer support. Founded in 2015, this firm is run by two veteran virtual assistants who decided to begin their own. The amount of experience and business sourcing tactics that the founding partners bring to the table has made VA Talks’ growth rate reach another high in a span of little over 10 years. Several entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world have been benefited through this venture. They aim to earn your trust by delivering fantastic results at a reasonable pricing. Because of their vast experience, clients gain confidence to associate with them on a long-term basis. They mainly target busy individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses or large corporations to provide them with virtual assistants of high-quality skill sets that help in saving time as well as money for the client.

Let’s look into the benefits of hiring them as your virtual assistant:

-VA Talks provides virtual assistants that are pretty versatile and perform tasks that could be done remotely.

-They specialise in providing virtual assistants that are highly qualified in bookkeeping services, administrative tasks, web development, website design and search engine optimisation.

-VA Talks has a team of experts that help in designing mobile apps, run marketing campaigns,create presentations, business proposals which allows the customer the bandwidth to find professionals from a single place.

-Their recruits give you the flexibility to choose from their team members as they bring a variety of skills to the table. -Their in-demand VAs are super strong in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many other web development platforms. 

-Web development lies as their prime focus but they do have virtual assistants capable enough to help clients with close to every type of service which could be done virtually.

Plans and Pricing

VA Talks begin their pricing from as low as $130 for 10 hours per month ($13/hour).

Larger the size of your plan, the lower the hourly rate becomes as it could go down to less than $7 an hour for a full-time dedicated VA ($1100/month).

Crunching on more hours than needed for the sake of saving money can actually lead to unused hours that don’t rollover month-to-month.

Virtual Assistant Companies in India


TaskVirtual is an India-based virtual assistant company which is relatively new yet an emerging face of the virtual assistant service industry. The company is headed up by two partners that have worked in the same space prior to starting their own venture.

This company has a wide range of services that are driven by enthusiastic and skilled assistants that operate from India.

They are committed, punctual, dedicated, and shoulder the delegated responsibilities of the clients convincingly well. Their speed and accuracy in the working space is the reason why companies like to work with them.

To know how they function and how you could benefit from their services, please read through this list:

-On receiving the details of their scope of work from the client, they pick a virtual assistant that has the best-matched skillset to carry out the work.This gives you access to a large pool of assistants that can work to your advantage because of their different skills, as opposed to being tied to the same assistant as offered by some other companies.

-However, you still have the option of continuing with a dedicated assistant according to your preference.

-They have line-managers who manage their in-house virtual assistants. They also perform the task of accommodating your working hours and timezones.

-Before hiring them, they seek a detailed explanation on your requirement as it enables them to respond to your need with the right answer.

-Task Virtual ticks all the right boxes as they appear to be flexible and positive in their approach.

-Their virtual assistants provide support for a wide range of tasks like:

  • Admin support
  • Social media management
  • Content writing
  • Research
  • Data entry
  • Email and calendar management
  • IT support
  • And more

-Their areas of specialization are real estate management, e-commerce and social media management.

Plans and Pricing

Task Virtual offers price- packages that are distinguished as Personal Assistance Services and Business Assistance Services.

Personal Assistance Services are classified into 3 plans:

The packages are priced in task bundles, with tasks being classified as 10-15 minute jobs each.

  • 20 tasks – $39 per month ($1.95 per task)
  • 50 tasks – $50 per month ($1.58 per task)
  • 100 tasks – $139 per month ($1.39 per task)

Business Assistance Services are priced in hours. Details of price-packages are as follows:

  • 5 hours per month – $60 ($12 per/hr)
  • 10 hours per month – $110 ($11 per/hr)
  • 20 hours per month – $200 ($10 per/hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $360 ($9 per/hr)
  • 60 hours per month – $480 ($8 per/hr)
  • 100 hours per month – $700 ($7 per/hr)
Virtual Assistant Companies in India


Founded in 2010, Acelerar is a virtual assistant services in india They provide virtual assistants round the clock to support clients around the world according to their respective time zones.

Here’s a review of the benefits offered by Acelerar to its clients:

-Acelerar hires and employs college-graduates only. All of their virtual assistants are made to go through a thorough background check and other tests.

-All candidates are compelled to go through a two-week training course where they share on using applications like MS office, social media tools, and completely dummy projects to develop an understanding of their roles.

-A Nondisclosure Agreement is signed by the virtual assistant assigned to you to ensure strict confidentiality is maintained.

-After you sign up for a package, a Customer Success Manager is assigned to you and this person acts as your point of contact to ensure you’re happy with the ongoings of work.

-Acelerar Tech has implemented a time-tracking tool that helps in having easy access to your virtual assistant. This also allows you to be updated on the progress of your tasks.

-On completion of a given task, one can view screenshots of the same and share a feedback with the virtual assistant to see an improved result.

-Acelerar offers its services in the following areas:

  • Administration assistance
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • List building and lead generation
  • Online research
  • Recruitment
  • Back office support
  • Real estate
  • Ad-hoc tasks

Plans and Pricing

Acelerar has categorised its pricing into four different hourly packages. Their packages start at $160 per month.

You can qualify for a lower price on purchasing more no. of hours.

Here’s a look at their complete pricing list:

  • 20 hours per month – $160 ($8/hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $280 ($7/hr)
  • 80 hours per month – $480 ($6/hr)
  • 160 hours per month – $800 ($5/hr)

The inference we get on comparing their price-bands with other VA service providers is that they are extremely competitive and moderate in their pricing.

Virtual Assistant Companies in India


VirtualEmployee.com goes above and beyond other virtual assistant companies as they set you up with a full-time dedicated remote employee, which would only cost you a fraction of what would cost you locally on hiring an in-house office based professional.

Benefits of hiring from VirtualEmployee:

-Their costing varies based on their level of experience and skills of a virtual assistant .

-A legal professional or web developer would be paid a higher salary than a virtual assistant hired for general administrative support.

-On an average, the price range for VirtualEmployee.com’s service lands in between $1095 – $1995 a month.

– Another key point to note is that the virtual assistant working for you is technically an employee of VirtualEmployee.com. They mention this to clearly state that all the tax filing, payroll processing, and labor law management related to the employee would be done by VirtualEmployee.

-This policy makes for a great service provider who primarily seeks the welfare of its client.

Virtual Assistant Companies in India


Wervas was founded in 2016 with its office based in Kolkata, India.It’s one of the emerging virtual assistant companies that enjoys a reputation of serving more than 500 clients all over the world, while also saving 30,000+ working hours of their own.

Here’s how you could be benefited from their services:

-They mainly target entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses to provide their virtual assistant services. Are you looking to outsource your mundane business tasks?

No matter how big or small, Wervas gives you the right solution through its highly skilled virtual assistants to see you be at ease.

-Services they specialise in are as follows:

  • Administrative Assistance – scheduling an appointment, organizing meetings, day-to-day tasks etc
  • Online Research – Research on competitors, data entry, updating records etc
  • IT Support – Website maintenance, IT related solutions, custom CSS changes, updates etc.
  • Customer Support – With their 24/7 support, you can have someone available to offer help at any given time.
  • SEO – Wervas claims to be best known for their SEO work and provides a money back guarantee on SEO projects.
  • App Development – They help in developing Android based Mobile Applications.

Plans and Pricing

Here’s a brief look at their price-plans:

  • 10 Hours – $100 per month ($10 per hour).
  • 25 Hours – $225 per month ($9 per hour).
  • 50 Hours – $400 per month ($8 per hour).
  • 75 Hours – $525 per month ($7 per hour).
  • 100 Hours – $600 per month ($6 per hour).
  • Full-time virtual assistant – $799 per month ($5 per hour).
  • Pay-as-you-go – $12 per hour.

    Their full-time assistant for $799 is of a strong value and the $1/task plan is quite intriguing too.

Virtual Assistant Companies in India


Started in February-2016, UrbanTimer is based in Kolkata,India and was founded by two guys with each being vastly experienced in the virtual assistant service industry.

Benefits of outsourcing your tasks to UrbanTimer:

-UrbanTimer is very much aware of the importance of English communication in this industry. Therefore, the company makes sure that all of their virtual assistants go through a thoroughly well-designed process that results in producing fluent English speaking professionals with a wide range of skills.

-Getting started with UrbanTimer is simple and easy. You can sign up on their website for any one of their packages, or contact them directly to know the best package that suits your need.

-UrbanTimer offers a wide range of services that include:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Social Media services
  • Research tasks
  • Customer service
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Content writing
  • Email management

-In case of a specific virtual role that is not listed, they recommend the client to contact them in order to discuss the exact requirements and provide assistance accordingly.

Plans and Pricing

UrbanTimer has five different payment plans at present. Price-plans start at $100 for 10 hours, with their largest plan being $960 for 160 hours.

Their hourly rates range from $10 per hour to as low as $6 per hour.

Pricing Table in detail:

  • 10 hrs per month – $100 ($10/hr)
  • 20 hrs per month – $190 ($9.5/hr)
  • 30 hrs per month – $270 ($9/hr)
  • 50 hrs per month – $400 ($8/hr)
  • 80 hrs per month – $600 ($7.50/hr)
  • 110 hrs per month – $770 ($7/hr)
  • 160 hrs per month – $960 ($6/hr)
  • Your assigned Account Manager from UrbanTimer oversees the tasks you send and assigns the best VA that matches your requirement and price-plan to start your work.
Virtual Assistant Companies in India


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We can help you in selecting the right company

It’s endearing to know that virtual assistant companies in india exist and that client’s jobs are made so easy with their help. I hope you find the right match for your firm and wish you heaven’s best in your journey ahead. 

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